I may not have what your looking for, or maybe my work isn't quite as good yet for your needs. That's cool, i'm still learning and improving. Perhaps you may find something more useful here, at OpenGameArt.org.

The site was set up by Bart Kelsey in 2009.

"OpenGameArt.org is a site that helps programmers and artists collaborate to make video games, by providing a platform where artists can share and archive their art and programmers can reach them easily."        Bart Kelsey (Patreon)

Over the years, the community at OGA have uploaded thousands of assets for developers to use in their projects under various user licenses that can be downloaded for free. There are lots of categories to choose from. 2D art, 3D art, textures, music and backgrounds to name just a few. Whatever your looking for, i'm sure you will find it, and if you don't, you can always reach out to the community there which is really friendly and helpful.