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Game Jam Entry's: (no particular order)

This month (July) I hosted my first ever Game Jam. The Jam itself was about creating games using assets from I'm a regular user of OGA and i'm on there most evenings and it was mentioned by another user about hosting one. There was a reasonable response from the community at OGA, but sadly the idea went quiet and the original poster, PreciousRoy, was away studying for his Masters. (Good luck PreciousRoy, I wish you well). So I took it upon myself to have a go and create one, as at the same time, I have been looking in to entering some game jams myself and it seemed a good idea to host one, so I could experience a game jam from both sides, as a participant and as host.

One of the things that put me off game jams was not being able to finish anything within the small time limits, so I tried to taylor the jam to suit the needs of others like me at a beginner level of development, and consider those that may want or do 3D game development, which i'm sure that it takes far longer to programme a 3D enviroment than a 2D one. There were other things to consider too, like should there be a 'theme'?, any restrictions? what will the rules be?. I referenced a lot from previous threads on the OGA site and tried to strike a 'Balance' between all the suggestions made. 

Here's what I came up with:


I chose not to run a theme indefinitely, and the reason was that I believed running a theme would shorten the assets that could or would be chosen for a project. If I chose a theme like say 'Undead', there would be more likely everyone choosing 'Zombie' type assets then any other asset on OGA, so by doing this kept it more 'Open' for ALL assets available. Instead, I made a theme optional and combined it with the 'Art Challenges' created by Danorder on OGA, and hope it would encourage users of the jam to use those assets. I also made a voting criteria based upon those optional themes.


No restrictions, I wanted the game jam to be as open as possible. So any software could be use.


I settled on 4 weeks for the jam. This I believed was a reasonable time frame for beginner developers to create something, and give 3D developers enough time too, but also, so developers could cretae a window in there busy schedules to find time to take part. Hardcore jammers may of thought this was to long, but I was at the thinking that you could start at anytime between those 4 weeks. So if you needed 4 weeks you had it, but if you felt you only needed 3 days, 2 weeks, then you could do that too within the time period.


As this game jam was about the assets use from OGA, I thought it was necessary to have a minimum requirement of assets to be used. I settled on 6, using 2 from each category so there was a good mix assets being used from artwork, music, & sound effects. I also thought it would be good if the artists asset was credited too, even if their license didn't require it, and just really to keep it clean from being offensive.

Although I'm sure that the way I had put this together wont of pleased everybody's taste, but for me I think I got the balance right as much as I could, and being this is my first game jam I can use any feedback received to make it better should I do one again. Or maybe pass on any feedback to PreciousRoy should they decide to do one aswell.

All in all I think the jam itself was a success, and there was a total of 17 games submitted from a possible 104 that joined. 

I would like to thank all that participated in the jam, even if you didn't submit anything, your efforts are appreciated.

Thanks to the community at OGA for supporting this game jam and commenting, and thank you to ElizaWy for the banner images and text.

Now we shall vote and rate the games submitted to the jam, I will annouce the winner in 2 weeks.