Monstropolis is my current project I am working on. Its in 'Alpha' at the moment, so it is playable to some extent, but I still have much to do.

It came about whilst searching through the internet researching other game developers and games. I came across 'Gamejams' and was intrigued by what there were. The most common one I found out about was 'Ludum Dare'. This particular Gamejam would see other 'Devs' create games from scratch within 72 or 48 hours based on a 'theme'.

Now I was never going to be able to create a game within that time frame, but the concept interested me, so although I never took part in submitting anything I did work on a idea based on the theme that was selected by the community, which was 'You are the monster'.

From there I sketched out the game character, and just let my imagination run with it. I came up with how it would play and what controls would be used, and just generally tinkered about with the ideas I had.

I did this at the time I was working on the Knightmare project so didn't think it would actually turn out into anything solid, and it was a nice little to take a break from that project, but after the copyright problem I had with it and development stopped my focus then became this game and I have been working on it ever since.

Update: (July)

Monstropolis (Alpha Version)

* you can now throw hostages and vehicles at ALL floors and buildings.

(this was only working on some not all)

*Monster takes damage and Game Over screen.

(monster took no damage or did but nothing happened.)

*Monster regains health when eating hostages.

(yum yum)

*You can now control the hands independently using A,S,D & L buttons.

(i have taken note of your comments on the controls, and i'm hoping this will feel a bit better whilst playing. you can still click the arms as before if you prefered it that way, but now you can do either. The buttons are not set in stone, these were suggested by a member of OGA, i may consider letting the player choose which buttons to use in another update.)

* No longer need to click the hands when performing a smash or grab move, You just click the buildings or the floor tiles. this is now only necessary when holding a hostage or vehicle.

( excessive selecting arms and clicking targets was annoying, so the above update should resolve this, but it is still neccesary to click an arm when holding a hostage or vehicle, so you can target what you want to do with it, i feel this would be a more acceptable behavoiur to take from the player. or you can use the new button control)

* Level doesn't crash on level 6, it will now just repeat level 5 until I start creating the other levels.

(it crashed on level 6, and just did its own thing, now it will just loop back to level 5 so you can keep playing, at least until i sort the rest of the levels out.)

* Level transition added when a level completed.

( the screen moves to one side and then starts the next level instead of just jumping right unto the next one.)

* Space bar will restart the game.

(think this was already there in there)

*Slight improvement to the movement of attached arms.

( i have tried to make the arms move better. Although its an improvement its still not the best. This is one of the games biggest achillies heels for me, and its a bit beyond my programming capabilities, so i will have to accept that it is what it is. I have spent months poking about with it, and i'd much rather focus the time on getting the game towards a finishing line.)

Thanks for all your comments everyone, I appreciate your feedback and the time you take to play.