I had a go at some live streaming this month, although my PC coughs a lot whilst trying to do it. :).

I'm fortunate to have my sons PC next to me which is by far a much better unit with better video capabilities. It's still not the best when It comes to what everyone else has in terms of HD visuals, but it gives me somewhere to start and have a play around as to what I will need when improving my video streams in the future.

I suppose really at the moment streaming is kind of a novelty thing to do, but at the same time gives a small insight to what I'm actually doing for those that are interested. Most gamedev's these days have some sort of stream to showcase there work and viewers will take what they can from them, be it what software there using, or maybe just to learn techniques perhaps. I'm not saying you will learn anything from me, but you never know? I think it's just nice that you can if you wanted to 'Drop in' on someone and have it as a feature here.

Things I will likely stream will be me working on my projects, game jams and my pixel art. Eventually I may do other stuff if asked for it, so it does open up other ideas I can do. I like to play games from my collection, and play other titles from Indie dev's so it may be cool to show the game plays from those titles and just generally have some fun with.

I am on twitch, and now Youtube and i am still tinkering with both as they both have advantages and disadvantages. At the moment Youtube looks the most likely for streaming, as Twitch seems to be a bit 'Twicthy' (pardon the pun)

Lets see how it goes. :)

Live Streaming:

Future streams:

Likely streams: