Proberbly one of my favorites TV shows when I was growing up, ITV's Knightmare. This project was really an accident, It wasn't something I planned on developing, What I wanted to do was create a game that used 'Text & 'Dialog' so I could learn about those functions. I was struggling to come up with any concept ideas, then out of the blue whilst channel hopping I came across the show on Challenge TV. Obviously I had to watch and then I had the Eureka moment of this show being just what I was looking for in a game idea.

The games development had many changes, I tried very hard to work towards keeping it original as much as possible to the show itself, but somethings were difficult, so I had to make compromises, and although it may of been a bit rough around the edges, I did manage to get it to a playable state.

What was constantly changing was the artwork, I really wanted to have something that resembled a game, After much chopping and changing, tweaking and messing about I was able to finally get something I was happy with, happy enough to reach out to twitter and say "Hey, look what I did". I did get a nice response but a troubling one too, "Its good fan art, but you cannot do this, without permission".

This is kind of where the project starts to fall apart. You see, although my intentions were good with this project, It was teaching me some things, being fun, and I thought it would be a good 'Fan' game for the fans, my knowledge towards Copyrights infringements was very naive.

The next thing I did was to do what was necessary and make contact with Authors and the like to see if they would allow me to continue with this project, Sadly though it wasn't to be so the project had to be stopped for legal reasons.

I was disappointed, I had spent about a year and a half on this project and would of hoped I could of done it, but you live and learn and that is exactly what learning game development is all about, It's not just the game itself, its all the other things that can accompany it too.

What I have learnt on this project:

* Story boarding

* Step events

* co-ordinates and Sprite margins

* Collision detection

* Text functions

* Room's

* Scripts & Dialogs

Despite learning the above, I also got to understand Copyrights, and my artwork has improved massively, which going forward will be a good thing. Other than not be able to finish it as I would of liked, I got a lot out of this project.​​