With changes being made to the website, its necessary that a more realistic approach is needed too.

I have scrapped plans of continuing  to create my website using GameMaker software, and gone back to using a website builder to save time and write better content.

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Hello and welcome to Chasersgaming!, well... a new looking Chasersgaming!,  as you can see I have been a busy man trying to make things look better, and improve the content on what I have been up to. So with out further ado......‚Äč

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I come across Sega's flagship character in a new outing, only its not Sega propping him up. Indie developers 'Overbound' continues the escapades of the hedgehog with their fan based game.

With the impending changes to drop the 'Greenlight' system for games in favor for a new system of upload fee's. I give my thoughts on them, and wonder how they will effect me and potentially others.

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