I manage to get a live stream to work relatively well, so i'm considering streaming when I work on some stuff, such as programming my games and pixel art.

I spent a bit more time looking in to game jams and realise there is a lot that I can take from them other than just paticipation.

Getting in a jam:

Hello and welcome to Chasersgaming! After a short break of not coding very much last month, I was back to it. After an update to Monstropolis, my attention turned towards Game Jams and I had a tinker about with some live streaming.

Live Streaming:

Raising Awareness

Latest Game's Added

OpenGameArt Game Jam:

Latest Game Assets

July 2017

I have updated the game and added/ fixed some issues.

Live Stream: 

Monstropolis game update:

Not only  did I enter a game jam this month, I actually hosted one. A game jam based on assets created from the OpenGameArt community.