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Game Jams are events that take place where game developers create a game from scratch in a specific time frame following rules & themes set up by the person/s who host them. The themes are considered to be something to create inspiration for a game and are generally open to interpretation, but not always a 'must' when submitting your game into a game jam, unlike the rules which have to be followed. The rules can be just there to keep the participants to work within the spirit of the jam itself, or can be used to work in conjunction with the theme set and add limitations to creating an actual game. These can make it challenging, and its the challenge that make game jams so interesting to be a part of.

Game jams work the same way as a music jam would. Where a gathering of musicians get together and play different instruments in a session with no prior practice or rehearsal to come up or experiment with ideas for a song. Game jams offer the same ethic to a community of Game Developers, Artists, Story Writers who can either work on there own projects or come together and work in teams.

Game jams have been running for a number of years now and anyone can host their own jam. But there are more established jams out there and run at specific times of the year that offer a more competitive edge to Developers. Although there are not normally prizes won when entering game jams, the taking part is usually enough, but the notoriety of winning jams with such a prefound following can earn a kudos within the gaming community's and possibly propel their game jam submission into a fully fledged titled game.