Game assets are essential resources when creating video games, without them you wouldn't really have much to look at or listen to when playing them would you?

The assets used in your game project comes in many forms, Tile Sets, Sprites, & Backgrounds to create the Environments you want in your worlds, Animations to bring your Characters and Environments to life, and Music to add emotion to your games experience.

These can be a costly part of game development, especially for game developers just starting out. Having to ask professional artists for bespoke art work and music for there game project can be a big problem if working with a low budget, or no budget at all, and can be one of the main reasons that a project doesn't get off the ground.

I found this out for myself, which is why I create free game assets, not only do I enjoy creating them , also knowing I could be helping other developers create there projects and contributing to the gaming community makes me feel good. :)‚Äč

Game Assets