When we think of Fonts, we tend do think of letters, numbers and symbols, but they are really 'Glyphs', without getting to technical 'Glyphs' are something that we can interpret into something readable such as writing. There are many different languages in the world, so an object would be the same thing but in a different language, therefore would use a different 'Glyph' depending on whom is reading it. Just think about a computer keyboard for a moment, A keyboard in Russia wouldn't be the same as a keyboard here in the UK.

​When pressing a key on a keyboard, it is nothing more than a combination of 'Glyphs' implemented by a Data file. Data files can be changed and manipulated, and because of this it was later refered to as a 'Font'.

​There are 3 basic fonts:

Bitmap: Multiple pixels to create the 'Glyph' image of which are of same size, but cannot be changed, so for each size difference you would have to have a different image.

​Vector or Outline: Data structures with mathematical formulas to create 'glyph', so can be scaled.

​Stroke: Uses shapes and specified lines to define a profile, which creates the 'Glyph'.

There are many 'Fonts', which are manipulated to create different styles of writing, these are known as 'Typefaces', you can do this by changing a 'Font' from 'Ariel' to 'Pacifico', just by using the drop down menus when typing a letter.

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