Corrado Sprint

Corrado Sprint is the first game I developed and got to a stage of 'Completion'. It was a very simple idea to learn the basic functions of Gamemaker and get myself familiar with the software and its use. One of the things I noticed whilst developing this game was how quick ideas can grow and slow down the development process. There was lots I wanted to put into this game but couldn't because of my lack of knowledge and experience. I kept trying to add all the ideas I had to this project and found myself going around in circles and came to the conclusion that if I was to continue in this manner I would never have anything finished. In the end I had to be hard on myself and focus on what this project was intended to do for me and just stick to the basic idea and not get overwhelmed with lots of other stuff. 

I am proud of myself for achieving this project, although its not very much in terms of a game, it is an achievement non the less. Its not going to win any prizes, but we all have to start somewhere, and for me this is where my Game Development journey begins.

What I have learnt working on this project:

* Basics of using Sprites & Animations.

* Using Backgrounds.

* Basics of coding objects using the Drag n Drop features.

* Global & Local Variables.

Other than just the functionality of using Gamemaker, I come to realise that Artwork is something I would like to explore on a better scale too, I used dodgy images from the internet which looks terrible, so if there was anything I was disappointed about it was that. I'm sure I can do better things.